Who We Are

The SFU Satellite Design Team was founded early January 2016 to provide students and the public an avenue to pursue and develop their interest and passion for the exploration of space. The team is currently working towards three projects each with social and scientific value to Canada and the global community.

Our largest Project is the Canadian CubeSat Project where we are working alongside the Canadian Space Agency and two other major BC Universities for a confirmed launch of our craft in 2020. Secondly, We are also participating in Canadian Satellite Design Challenge to design and build CubeSats for Canadian Astronomers and amateur radio community and compete against other teams nationwide. Lastly, our High altitude balloon project will soon be launching in interior BC to collect temperature, humidity and pressure data from 150’000 feet.

More than a Design team

Over the years, SFU Satellite Design Team has developed relations with a multitude of companies in the aerospace industry. These relationships range from technical advisors, sponsorships or community engagement. With your support, we can inspire future generations of space explorers, engineers, and business leaders through technology development and educational outreach.

Click the email icon below to reach us at sfusat@sfu.ca

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