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Taking The Selfie Out of This World

Competition Ends in 2020


What is the CSDC?

In the 5th round of the CSDC, teams are challenged to undertake the ultimate, global educational outreach program. The CubeSat that is required from each team must be able to communicate with anyone on earth who has an amateur radio licence, otherwise known as an ARO (Amateur Radio Operator.

The ARO should be able to call the satellite and ask for a selfie, the cube satellite will then tell the ARO when the selfie will take place and then take a photo of the ARO’s location and downlink it immediately along with Canadian photos and stories relating to the Aerospace industry here in Canada.

Having the experience from the previous CSDC has poised our team to do better than ever in this next round of the challenge, however, funding is our largest obstacle to tackle. Sponsorship is what keeps our team alive, consider sponsorship today.